Saturday, January 27, 2007

Released ODO 0.20

Late last week I released ODO 0.20 which has some important updates:

* Jena Database compatibility layer
It is now possible to connect to and read/write databases created with HP Lab's Jena . The code is still experimental but provides a good starting point for feedback. There are test cases in this release so regression testing and bug demonstration should be easy.

* RDFS code generator.
Ontologies and more specifically the RDFS code generator have been updated and bug tested. The version in the first release was a port of older code that didn't translate perfectly in to the new ODO framework. I am happy to report that the code is now used to host the ODO-Jena compatibility layer and there are now test cases for it as well.

* N3 RDF parser.
This release includes an initial version of an N3 RDF parser. It isn't complete because I don't have a test suite to make sure it accepts valid N3. Hopefully with each release this component will mature.

* OWL-Lite code generator is still in development.
A casualty of the debugging / testing of the RDFS code generator this system still needs to be updated and tested with the new Ontology "layer."

* Many more bug fixes and test cases.

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