Monday, June 15, 2009

Announcing Eclipse PDE Integration for Apache Felix Karaf

I am pleased to announce that the Eclipse PDE integration for Apache Felix Karaf is finally ready for others to use.

Notable features include:

  • A Target Platform Definition that allows developers to target only the bundles found in Karaf distributions.
  • An Eclipse Run/Debug launcher configuration that configures Karaf to run inside the workbench transparently to the developer
  • A context menu item "Run on Apache Felix Karaf"
  • Automatic deployment of workspace projects to running Karaf instances without copying files

There is still work to be done but at this point the integration is very functional and saves time developing applications that run on Karaf.

I'm currently working on:

  • Prototyping a feature manager that allows the developer to run Karaf and have it provision various features just like in the features command group on the console
  • Integration with the Web Tools Platform project to support "Run on Server"
  • UI work that monitors the running server instances
  • Better integration with Maven projects

Unfortunately a lot of the work is in UI development and I'm not an expert in Eclipse UI development so it is going to be a little slower than the week I have spent putting all of this together (while learning!). The only exception is the better integration with Maven projects: I hope I'll get that done in an evening or two this week.

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