Monday, July 20, 2009

Completing the JMX service registration and sorting view contents

I spent a little time using the Bundle and Services views today to see how well they worked. It turns out that I had a little problem with the Karaf data feeds not updating properly. The OSGi JMX MBean interfaces do not seem to support the NotificationEmitter interface so there is no way to asynchronously update the data.

This isn't terrible since I just wrapped the data update in an Eclipse system job that runs every 25 seconds. The down side is that the viewer refresh invalidates your selection because it wipes the source data completely. Some day when I am motivated I'll try and fix it.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Finished instrumenting the running Karaf platform

I just finished a really cool feature (three really!) for the Eclipse Integration for Karaf.

First, I have nearly finished the JMX integration (pesky connection management!) and have the ability to asynchronously pull out whatever information is available. This is great because I plan on using JMX as the foundation for the management and instrumentation of running Karaf instances in the workbench.

Second and third, I have put this to good use by hooking up two Eclipse Views:

  • Bundles View - This view shows all of the bundles in the Eclipse Workbench as well as any in the Karaf instance(s) being debugged
  • Services View - This view shows all of the services in the Eclipse Workbench as well as any in the Karaf instance(s) being debugged

Friday, July 17, 2009

New EIK Feature: Karaf Target Platform Provisioner

A quick update to the Eclipse Integration for Karaf project.

I just added an Eclipse Target Platform Provisioning wizard. This makes it very easy to add external Karaf installations to your PDE target platform without the aggravation of having to add all of those directories manually.

Pictures are much better than words.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eclipse Integration for Karaf now on FUSE Forge!

After a couple weeks of solid progress I am finally able to share several updates on the project. First, I am migrating development to FUSE Forge where I will be maintaining the Eclipse Integration for Karaf project!

This is great because I am going to be developing alongside some great projects in the Karaf and ServiceMix community. FUSE Forge is run by Progress Software as part of their Open Integration strategy.