Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eclipse Integration for Karaf now on FUSE Forge!

After a couple weeks of solid progress I am finally able to share several updates on the project. First, I am migrating development to FUSE Forge where I will be maintaining the Eclipse Integration for Karaf project!

This is great because I am going to be developing alongside some great projects in the Karaf and ServiceMix community. FUSE Forge is run by Progress Software as part of their Open Integration strategy.

I will create a wiki, roadmap and issue tracker up and running soon. Once that is complete and the code is migrated to the SVN on the Forge I'll make the first Alpha release so the community can get involved.

This leads me to my next bit of news: I have WTP integration well on its way to being useful

This is exciting because integrating with WTP is going to take a lot of the guesswork out of developing application on top of Karaf. I even have NMR and ServiceMix WTP runtime definitions in the works to give developers a chance to work against more than just a kernel.

Here are some screenshots showing the WTP integration progress.

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