Eclipse Integration for Karaf

Eclipse Integration for Karaf is the integration of the Apache Karaf application platform and the Eclipse IDE. EIK is a sub-project of Apache Karaf.

Install via the Update Site:

Notable features include:

  • An Eclipse Run/Debug launcher configuration that configures Karaf to run inside the workbench transparently to the developer
  • Automatic deployment of workspace plugin projects to running Karaf instances without copying files
  • A Target Platform Definition that allows developers to target only the bundles found in Karaf distributions
  • A Target Platform Provisioner that automatically constructs a target platform from any Karaf distribution on the user's local disk
  • JMX instrumentation of the Running/Debugging Karaf instance.
  • Eclipse views that display the Bundle and Service status of Karaf instances

Web Tools Platform integration including:

  • Karaf server runtime with associated classpath maintenance
  • Karaf runtime locator that scans local disks for compatible Karaf distributions

Here is a short video tutorial demonstrating how to use Eclipse Integration for Karaf:

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