Using EIK


EIK supports nearly all Apache Karaf compatible runtimes including:

  • Apache Karaf
  • Apache ServiceMix

In order to use these runtimes Eclipse must be configured to use the correct OSGi Framework and then the Apache Karaf runtime must be loaded in to an Eclipse Target Platform.

Configuring the OSGi Framework

Open the Eclipse Preferences dialog and navigate to the OSGi Framework configuration page. Select "Apache Karaf Runtime on Equinox"

Locate the Apache Karaf Installation

Begin by opening the Apache Karaf perspective:

Create a new Apache Karaf Project

Give the project a name

Select the Apache Karaf installation

Apache Karaf is now available

Now, open the the Target Definition File
and Set as Target Platform. Now that the target platform has
been set to your Apache Karaf installation, all bundles developed in the
workspace will be added and deployed automatically in the OSGi
Framework Launcher

Create an OSGi Framework Launcher

Create a new OSGi Framework launch configuration. Edit its contents to suit your needs.


Click Debug to run your Apache Karaf installation.

Edit the Apache Karaf Project